Monday, January 07, 2008

a thousand frogs

It's raining. Really raining. The drops of water positively fling themselves suicidally at the ground and whatever happens to be in the way. Which is why, of course, Nathaniel and i decided to walk a bit. Outside. Barefoot. Eating bananas.

First we went in the front, where there are more puddles, but then we went in back, with more grass, and i stood dramatically looking up and "embracing the sky" as i've heard it called. Nathaniel pointed out that we could be at the end of a movie, so we shouted end-of-movie types of things, such as "I'm free!" "I've escaped prison!" "This is a metaphor for rebirth!" "The king is dead!" "I found my best friend!" and "I killed them all!"

And, of course, the back door was locked. We took different routes back to the front. I took the east side, closer to the alley. It goes under a tree, and the wet leaves felt like stepping on the guts of a thousand frogs, to be poetic.

Powerful wet stuff, that water, y'know? Powerful wet.

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  1. I ran up our driveway in the rain and then I was all hyped up to go save Pastor but he didn't need us in the end... Meanie.