Friday, April 27, 2012

Teal paisley tights, rhythm, and candy-coloured lights.

Also, Scribblers. A writing group of Bethel people. I pretty well enjoy hanging out with them, so that's good. Proof: I read them a short story tonight, and you guys (might) know I don't do that much. (Ethan, Robin-- it's the Santa one. They laughed.)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

This would be a perfect time to use my habitual song-lyrics-that-hardly-relate, but I got nothing.

I miss Little Women. Objectively it might not be my favorite show (in writing or music) but there is something about being in a musical, even with just a small part. Something in the combination of story and music and people you are kind of forced to be friends with (because, short of knocking out a twelve-foot mountain troll, surviving wet tech together is pretty much the best way to forge a bond).

Then, last night (at the Earl Awards, Bethel's theatre award ceremony), I missed having the nerve to just sit next to some of those people because we were working together or because we had a joke that made no sense or because we were too tired to care. Now it's just those people I did stuff with once. I don't know. It feels awkward now, and I don't know if that's just me.

Anyway, it's now one of my life-goals to be in a musical with actual friends.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Fame for Despina who shows the way!

  1. I auditioned for and got into The Collegians, a show choir at Bethel. I'm excited because (watch out, meta-list): a) it's an opportunity to actually sing in ensemble songs (which I love) without being in the entire musical (which is a huge commitment and, for me, a rare opportunity); b) it's something I'll be learning from for at least an entire school year; c) as I am now a vocal performance major, I really should do stuff like this; d) getting some dance experience will no doubt be invaluable when I do audition for musicals; and e) the other people in the choir are some that I actually get along with, so maybe it is progress on having friends?
  2. Vati asked me to be in his chamber opera next fall. It's called Così fan tutte (Women Are Like That), it's by Mozart, and it's Vati's own translation and abridgement (so that it can be done without a chorus and in two hours instead of three). I play Despina, the maid. It's one of the smaller parts but none of the parts are actually small, and if you know the story you'll probably agree that it's the best part.
  3. If I enjoy eating animal crackers more when they're mini, even when they taste exactly the same as regular, am I secretly a bad person?
  4. Today's chapel was, besides the initial prayer, entirely the giving-out of awards. In the introduction, they said it was because (quoting from memory) "here at Bethel we want to integrate chapel/faith/something with learning or whatever." Okay, I probably paraphrased that more than a little bit, but my point is that they think that replacing worship with something secular is the way to live a Christian life. I can't pretend I missed singing praise songs this morning, but it's just so backwards.