Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ah yes, and then there's that game

I done played Apples to Apples on Sunday with Anan and The Adiaphoron and her sister. Ad won first as she got eight cards before the rest of us… narrowly… but we kept playing till suppertime, at which point i was leading with twenty-eight. (Anan! You said "I am Fishy, Hostile, Dreadful, Boring, Irritating, Frustrating, Careless, Dazzling, Crazed, Graceful, Grumpy, Virtuous, Cranky, Gross, Edible, Mysterious, Cosmopolitan, Stately, Insane, Normal, Bold, Quiet, and Natural. Beat that!" We both beat you. If you want i'll beat you again, monkey arms!)

That introduced, i am:
  1. Confused
  2. Hot
  3. Primitive
  4. Trite
  5. Sultry
  6. Disgraceful
  7. Bogus
  8. Comical
  9. Embarrassing
  10. Delicious
  11. Popular
  12. Elegant
  13. Handsome
  14. Durable (i'd mention what won that one, but i promised Anan i wouldn't)
  15. Greasy
  16. Gigantic
  17. Defective
  18. Deep
  19. Darling
  20. Daring
  21. Naive
  22. Frisky
  23. Fresh
  24. Patriotic
  25. Flexible
  26. Flammable
  27. First-Class
  28. Talented
Right. So.

I'm sick again. Yippee. More tea and less cleaning, but that's not good, as the son of the Lutheran Bishop of Kenya is coming on Friday, and the house is still a mess. Oh deah. So why am i blogging?

I don't know. Goodnight.


  1. We missed you at evening prayer :(

  2. If you don't know, how should we?

    Probably for the same reason that I'm up at 10:30pm. Craziness is contagious ya know....!

  3. Married men are durable!!!Muwahahaha!

  4. Oh cool, we can talk about it now? What i imagined was a wedding reception, and everybody's jumping on the groom. He's so durable.