Wednesday, February 14, 2007

What my name means! … again…

What Dat One Splatted Mag Means

D is for Distinguished

A is for Athletic

T is for Thoughtful

O is for Outrageous

N is for Neat

E is for Excellent

S is for Scary

P is for Posh

L is for Loud

A is for Altruistic

T is for Terrific

T is for Troubling

E is for Energetic

D is for Deep

M is for Musical

A is for Adventurous

G is for Gigantic

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Friday, February 02, 2007

Groundhog Day

… seems totally pointless. Unless you're talking about the movie, that was kinda funny. Oh, phooey, i was going to go into a whole long totally pointless thing like i did on the forums, but now it just isn't coming. Well, i tried. Sort of. Hey, lowercase g's look really weird. ggggggggggggggg a gargantuan group of giggly girls is kinda annoying sometimes, especially when you have a headache or a little baby (or a big one) or a need to practice piano or organ or violin or viola or cello or bass or guitar or flute or piccolo or recorder or lute or trumpet or drums or basoon or baboon or ape or monkey or chimpanzee or chihuahua or Taco Bell or Pachelbell's Chanon on the violin for your sister's wedding June before last… hey, that was a while ago. They're coming to visit, did you know that? Nick and Naomi and Snita. Next Wednesday to the Sunday after that. Wow, 'ago' looks a lot like 'ego.' *pokepoke* Is that joke getting old? It probably is, that's sad. Am i getting old? *ish shocked* I suppose i must be, if that joke is and i'm a whole ton (not just half of a ton) older than it… Mom's making chilli and i'm chilly. Ha. Ha. Ha. That was a joke. ggg

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