Friday, July 09, 2010


In Arabic, "فريد" or "farid" means "unique."

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Because I specialize in free time!

Well, seeing as I have nothing to do this week but continue being anti-social and chewing slowly (see: minor oral surgery), I'm going to try another book challenge. Well hey, the one I'm doing now is actually going pretty well.

The rules are enough that I'll let you follow the link and find out for yourself.

  1. Read Your Doppelganger:
  2. Blogroll Roulette: The Farwalker's Quest by Joni Sensel. (Unfinished.)
  3. 100 Best Book: Something from here. (Unfinished.)
  4. Prize Winner Book:
  5. Title Word Count:1
  6. Genre Switch-Up:
  7. Break A Prejudice:
  8. Real and Inspired:
  9. Same Word, Different Book:
  10. Become A Character:
  11. All in the Family:
  12. Author Anthology Pick:


Comments is maybe broke.

In Sylvia Russia, comments leave you!

The end result of which is I want to make people fall in love, mess up, fall in love myself, mess that up, and fail to be bitter about it. Ha ha, etc.

Watched the first three hours of Emma this morning/early afternoon, then all of Funny Girl this evening. Two fantastic movies, you know?

Oh, and how I wouldn't've liked to spend this day in a car, to arrive in a confusing place with a bad cafeteria.

Why am I up late? After watching most of Emma with my Maglena and two little girls, I came home quick to teach piano. Turns out two social activities in one day is too much; I took my darvocet and slept nearly forever.

Goo goo g'joob, y'all. Sheepdog out.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

Of puppies and wisdom.

Or: things I no longer have.

I got my wisdom teeth out. It was something like this:
Go in.
Get asked a dozen times if I'm okay, lie and say yes.
Get put in a chair and told the dangers (which we already learned about—and signed we understood—when we came in for the consultation).
Get a pep talk.
Get an IV.
Take deep breaths. (I counted; I only got to 4.)
Wake up puffy-faced and fuzzy-minded, need help walking to next room.
Lie down with an ice pack, get up and go home with an ice pack, wonder why I'm not asleep.
Seriously, didn't everybody say I'd fall asleep?
Still don't fall asleep.
When tongue has regained enough movement to swallow, take pill with yogurt.
Finally fall asleep.
Spend next days napping and eating pudding and rinsing mouth out with warm saltwater (which is actually lovely because for a moment my mouth actually feels clean).
Stay home and don't go anywhere until you feel better!!

Also, I need protein! Only I can't use my molars. So here's the food I've been able to eat so far (minus beverages, those are easy):
ice cream
mashed potatoes
cranberry sauce
tomato soup
tuna salad

Also pertinent, I think: I'm missing my first HT conference since I started going the year I turned 12. D: D: D: I just want to take a moment to say THIS IS NOT COOL.
Okay, moment over. I can no longer complain about this. (Haha, like I'll stop.)


I know most of you know this, but not all—
Tuesday night we came home from church and Wordy was dead. The vet suspects a heart attack (or something similar) as he's been in perfect health as far as we could see. Vati took him up to TQ/Snap/et all's place and he was buried.

I'd go on for a while with eloquence, but there's not much to say. Sorry.

Wordy, baby, you're the sweetest dog I ever knew. I love you always.