Friday, January 25, 2008


I read The Scarlet Pimpernel. I liked it, though it wasn't exceptional, and i probably would've liked it more if i hadn't seen the main part of the end coming (the secret). Hmph.

I'm reading The Adventures of Pinocchio now. It's definitely a kid's book, but entertaining.

"Poor Pinocchio! I really pity you!"

"Why do you pity me?"

"Because you are a puppet and, what is worse, because you have a wooden head."

At these last words Pinocchio jumped up in a rage, and snatching a wooden hammer from the bench he threw it at the Talking Cricket.

Perhaps he never meant to hit him; but unfortunately it struck him exactly on the head, so that the poor Cricket had scarcely breath to cry Cri-cri-cri, and then he remained dried up and flattened against the wall.

That happens fairly early, and from then on it's the ghost of the Talking Cricket who guides Pinocchio.
[two men] And becoming more and more angry, from words they came to blows, and flying at each other they bit, and fought, and scratched manfully.

Lol… manfully.

I'm also considering Italian as a fourth language when i finish the Latin textbook. It's probably that or Russian. Perhaps a 'fourth language' is the wrong way to put it; 'third and a half,' maybe. I don't plan on doing Latin all the way. Maybe i'll do something with languages in college. Of course, that's then competing with Music Education and English Composition. Oh dear. I wouldn't like to do a double major if possible. There's always minor.

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