Monday, June 25, 2007

Great evening


For supper we had grilled pork chops and sweet potato slices on the deck. They were delicious! Best pork chops i've ever had.

After supper we went to church and had Vespers and Bible Study, though technically we're studying Concordia at the moment. We just haven't updated our name. Yes, i paid attention.

When we were done, Mom walked home while Vati and i went to Barnes and Noble, A. K. A. Paradise. It even has a Starbucks café. (Ha, i managed to put the dash over the e!) I got five books and looked at them in the café. (Did it again.) They were:
  1. Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke (translated by Anthea Bell)
  2. Stardust by Neil Gaiman
  3. Beauty by Robin McKinley
  4. Benny and Omar by Eoin Colfer
  5. The Silent Boy by Lois Lowry
I got 1 through 4, and in the parking lot (just before they closed) Vati slipped me number 5.

An uneventful ride home, then as we were standing on the porch and talking about something for a moment (the back door was open), Vati suddenly said, "Some animal just ran in the house." (No, Vati didn't come inside, sit on the couch and smile.) He didn't know what it was, except that it was about the size of a squirrel, and later he said it looked like a rat. We went inside. Luckily, it had decided to hide under the couch instead of explore more. We closed the door to the rest of the house to stop it's dreams of refridgerators and pianos, as it was sure to have those.

Vati picked up the end of the couch and i propped it up with a chair, and looked under; it was a possum. It's eyes glowed creepily pearly, though not so creepy as Zub's blood red. I named it Henry. I sure hope it was a boy, otherwise it'll get teased by all the other possums. Anyway… I stood in front of the couch so he (hopefully) wouldn't want to come further in the room while Vati poked around with a yardstick. Henry creeped out and, after looking at my new shoes for a moment, left. He was kind of ugly, and waddled, made even more comical by the fact that he did it pretty fast.

Oh! IOWA test results came in today. I was disgustingly average (8.4) in math, but college level (13+) in everything else. Off the chart in some places.


I wish i could go to college four years early. That would be so cool.

Young'un genius, signing off.


Ack, no! My whole life is upside-down, inside-out and rightside-left!

Inkdeath is now Inkdawn!

Cornelia Funke said the old name didn't fit anymore.

P. S. Inkspell was going to be called Inkblood.

Crisis over. I went to Wikipedia:

Its German title, 'Tintenblut', literally translates: 'Inkblood'.
However, the Americans didn't like the original title and changed it,
although its first title seems more appropriate for its dark plot.


Cornelia Funke stated in January 2007 that the title would definitely
be Tintentod, with the English title Inkdeath. This replaces the
alternative working title of Tintensaat/Inkdawn.

Ignorant Laughing Prince.

Did you get that?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Delicious Strawberry Dr. Pepper Float

In the cafeteria at the Sem. (during the Organist Workshop), Anna was having (among other things) a Dr. Pepper, and a strawberry dessert with ice cream on it. She was saying something about not being clumzy, i think, when she knocked over her Dr. Pepper and confusion followed.

And then, of course, she tried it.

Calvin and Hobbes

I went straight from reading Aaron's latest blog post to reading today's Calvin and Hobbes:

You can get Calvin and Hobbes e-mailed to you daily (for free, of course) by going to And to Aaron - i think you can get it in Latin.

Friday, June 08, 2007

The Gagman's Bambit

Um… just look at this.

Euros et cetera

My posts are in high demand, i hear. I can't write much, i have to go clean my room.
Here are the Euro coins…

… and this is my smashed pfennig. You know how at some places there's a little machine for smashing pennies? Well, Nat put this on the railroad tracks…

Hail Pottsylvania, hail to The Black And Blue!
Hail Pottsylvania, sneaky and crooked through and through:
DOWN with The Good Guys, UP with The Boss,
Under The Sign Of The Triple Cross,
Hail Pottsylvania...Hail, Hail, HAIL!
My true colors. Black and Blue. Ow.

I watched the Rocky and Bullwinkle movie yesterday. It was awful!