Friday, January 11, 2008


What is that? A book review?? No, couldn't be… i'll just… mention a bit of literature…

I really, really liked the book Coraline by Niel Gaiman. Read it. It's a pretty fast read, not that long a book. It's kinda creepy, but… yeah, for most of you, don't read this right before bed. However, it's a really really cool book. Read it! I got it a arnes & Noble in the exasperating 'Teen' section last Tuesday, though it's been more often described to me as a children's book. It's about a young girl named Coraline (NOT Caroline, Coraline) who just moved into a new apartment…

I've already read Stardust by the same author. And watched the movie. Nathaniel had a witty review on his blog on the movie. And at the end of my copy of Stardust was a short story by N. G. entitled: October in the chair, from a collection of short stories (Fragile Things) that Nat and i bought together the same time as Coraline. And then i read the first story - an extremely Holmes-ish one, A Study in Emerald. I think i like Coraline the best, though it's been a bit since i've read Stardust.


  1. I really liked Coraline. According to Gaiman, kids have been just fine reading it, but it gives adults nightmares. Also, Fragile Things is a great group of stories, and "A Study in Emerald" was one of my favorite shorts ever.

  2. The day the Saucers Came is awesome too

  3. A Study of Emerald is Holmes meets Lovecraft... brilliant.

    The Coraline (pronounced Kor-uh-lane, oddly enough) movie will be out next year, and it's directed by the same guy who did A Nightmare Before Christmas- in stop-motion animation. How cool is that?