Saturday, January 19, 2008

Oh, oh, oh!

This hat has gotta be mine! Ohhhhh…

Picture for everlastingness! It's got a flower on the left side, and the thingy round it dangles off the back, and it comes with a hatbox, and it's such a pretty style, and and and IT'S AN ORANGE HAT! *gasp* It's vintage too!

*sniff* Fifty dollars… i'd even take this if it weren't vintage… and didn't come with a box… or a flower… *sniffsniff*

If i could convince five friends to give me ten dollars each, or ten friends to give me five dollars each, or eight friends to give me six dollars and twenty-five cents each, or nine friends to give me approximately five dollars and fifty-six cents each, or two friends to give me twenty-five dollars each, or four friends to give me twelve dollars and fifty cents each, or seven friends to give me approximately seven dollars and fourteen cents each, or three friends to give me approximately sixteen dollars and sixty-seven cents each, or six friends to give me approximately eight dollars and thirty-three cents each, or one friend to give me fifty dollars, i could pay the shipping and handling! Right. *starts looking for seven friends with approximately seven dollars and fourteen cents each to spare*


  1. Nice hat. If it were in tan or black, I'd totally grab it.
    Orange's cool, too, but.. not /that/ shade of orange.

  2. *gasp* But that's what's BEST about it!!

  3. I would give you 50 if you would pay for the next awesome hat I find. :p

  4. If i had money at times i would take that deal, daaaahling.