Saturday, January 30, 2010

More happy, happy adventures in school!

Doing homework to catch up with my new class, I learned:
  1. if I want to get everything right, I'm going to be a bit slow by the computer's standards.
  2. if I actually do it faster, the computer says "Too quick for accuracy. Your score is 0." EVEN IF I GOT THEM ALL RIGHT.
  3. —despite my teacher saying this several times—the computer DOES NOT SAVE PROGRESS.
So there's an hour lost on frustrating, tedious stuff I already know, which I now have to repeat.

I suppose I'm exaggerating a little bit... it's more like forty-five minutes that was lost. For some reason the computer DID save what I did at first. Weirdo.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Happy fun shiny times!

Sort of.

Apparently when one takes Music Theory I, one must also take Sight Singing & Ear Training I in the same semester. I'm signed up now (for 8:00–9:20 on Tuesday mornings, ugh), and have three weeks of homework to do and one week to complete it.

And most of it has to be done on a computer in the piano lab at Bethel.

Thank you, adviser, for not telling me about this class when I registered for my other classes. This is really just making my semester.

Okay, I'm going to go practice my solfege and be less sarcastic now. Maybe someday I'll blog again, and it will mean something.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

School's cool.

Music Theory I
9:00–9:50 AM Monday, Wednesday, Friday

General Psychology
12:00–12:50 PM Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Old Testament Literature
1:00–1:50 PM Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Teaching Piano Lessons
2:30–3:30 PM Monday

Physical Science
4:30–5:00? 5:30? PM Monday

Voice Lesson
as yet unscheduled Wednesday or Friday

ALL THE TIME (except when I'm procrastinating)