Saturday, February 12, 2011

Are you dreaming I'm about to kiss you?

Bethel did Cinderella this weekend. I went twice.

So prince Christopher Rupert mumble mumble Carl Alexander Francois Reginald Lancelot Herman Gregory James sings his love to Cinderella and she walks off a few steps, looking troubled. He says, "I suppose it's not a good sign if you tell someone you love them and they don't say anything," and she says, "I'm afraid that if I say anything I'll wake up," and then he replies with the post title. These may be paraphrased.

Anyway, I think there are better ways it could have been handled. Especially since the actor who played the prince looks just young to me. Last fall he played a boy about thirteen and that was actually about right.

It's decidedly weirder to know the actors as almost peers. (Most of them are at least Sophomores, so I still feel a bit young next to them.) I ended up enjoying it a lot because of knowing them and being happy that they were doing so well, but it was hard to romanticize it like I've always done with the musicals when I was younger. Partially because I don't totally love this musical. It's just kind of light and fluffy. The bad people are silly. There's not much conflict. You know exactly how it's going to end.

Can you tell I'm procrastinating on my homework? I'm rambling.

I have found her. She's an angel with the dust of the stars in her eyes.

Alternately, awesome neiphling #3 in her womb and also she's my sister Naomi. YAAAAAAAY

I'm pretty sure y'all knew that already though. Whatever. It's still superhappytimes news, and I mean that.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

w r sns nd hrs f grc

The other day in class, while someone was talking, she said something I considered to be a very good line, twitching the context a little. I whispered "wow," (one of my classmates heard me and gave me a weird look, whatever) and grabbed my notebook to write it down.

It's been a little while since I've done that.

Pro: tres comfy. Con: My head looks like a mushroom.

snooooooooow daaaaaaaaaaaaaaay why must you end?