Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Adventures of a Babysitter

Freddo told me not to feed him lunch because he wasn't not hungry. I told him that it wasn't lunch time yet, so why don't we wait till then and see if he's hungry? He promised me he wouldn't be.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Congratulations Pasto', Mrs, DoRena, Zach, Nick, Monica, Sander, Oly, Tin, Freddo, and Gerhardt, on Katherina Marianna Regina Felicity. (Did I get it?) We can't wait for pictures.


contrived to eat my entire grilled-cheese sandwich because I was foolish enough to bend down to pick up a candy wrapper he had undoubtedly unearthed from the trash. Needless to say, I berated him with simple insults of "Bad dog!" and, as soon as I got a grip on his collar, put him into his cage without so much as a kind pat. And then I made another sandwich.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I was putting tags on old posts…

When I realized I never fulfilled my promise. So here goes.

It was a mystery about the murder of a princess whose name might have been Juanita. The main suspect was the maid who might have been Caroline, and there was also a cat, maybe Almond. Her name slips my mind, but it turns out the killer was the victim's older sister, for no reason I can remember. I was taking to long to write it and I chickened out by deciding it wasn't very good. Sorry.

Just like Rachel D.

Should I get a haircut?
No, you should grow it out more.
No, you should keep it how it is.
Yes, you should take off a few inches.
Yes, you should get it medium.
Yes, you should get it short.
Other, specified in a comment.
pollcode.com free polls

EDIT: I am going to close the poll now, after a week. The votes stand thus:
Zero votes for each "No, you should grow it out more," and "Yes, you should take off a few inches."
One vote for each "Yes, you should get it medium," "Send 10 inches to LOL =D," and "medium with lots o' layers."
Two votes for "No, you should keep it how it is."
Three votes for "Yes, you should get it short."

I've deduced (with help) that 10 inches would make it "medium," which means medium and short are tied. I guess I'll just see what I get. After all, I didn't vote.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Rachel D told me to "draw myself". Is this close enough? (I did this in about two minutes, including finding the right symbol, so I really don't care if it's off-center or inaccurate or anything.)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

My subconcious thinks (knows) Nat's an idiot.

It started with a wedding. It was either Walter or Michael getting married, and in the past few hours it came to me that it was probably Michael, and Walter was the creep. A great deal of the dreem was taken up with Michael and his bride being happy, something like skipping through wildflowers.

Sita was there, and she was normal except instead of "yes" she said "star."

And finally, it was Sander's birthday. We made him a huge quilt with lots of pockets in which to put his presents, only Nat made me give Sander two pairs of my shoes; my newish brown ones and an imaginary pair of brown church flats, and I liked both pairs very much. I tried to argue with Nat that they were womens' shoes and wouldn't fit Sander, but Nat kept saying, "It's a fashion statement."

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mommy's home!


(I would have posted earlier, but the internet was broken.)

In other news, I found my purse. Of course, I didn't really say much it was lost, so I'll not feel slighted if you don't all congratulate me. Of course, in typical Maggie fashion, I lost it when it was sitting in plain sight… in the spare bedroom. *sigh*

Also the kids/teens in New England are very lucky.

Friday, February 13, 2009

chaotic DREEM

There was a wedding at our house and we had a lot of guests: Mommies with little babies were almost literally everywhere. We had Sita breaking/losing everything and being generally cute. We also had this weird little playhouse for Frederick and Gerhardt, who had inexplicably changed sizes. A random student of Dad's that I met briefly yesterday was there with the salad she had yesterday. (It looked really, really tasty. I mean, this had olives and dressing and fresh mozzarella cheese and everything. (Everything except for tomatoes.)) I asked her for the recipe about four times and she got really annoyed with me. And she left and I still couldn't remember what the salad was called or anything, but then I found I had the recipe in a bookmark on my little computer. (About the size of a binder.) And then Annalise tied her sheets together and climbed out the window.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

my absolutely favorite color

Is Crayola's Burnt Orange.
Number 23 on Wikipedia's list of all Crayola colors. (Which, by the way, rocks.)
Second favorite is 76, Mauvelous.