Tuesday, July 29, 2008

extra real post

Our Ju Jutsu* teacher has scary ideas about girls my age, even if they are homeschooled. A classmate asked me if I had contacts, since my eyes are so bad and I have to remove my glasses so often during class, and teacher said, "No, we have to keep her away from the contacts, because once she starts wearing contacts she'll be hanging around with boys, and she'll never be home, and her mom will lose her baby…" They laughed at me when I was skeptical. Really, though, how many boys of the right age do I know in this state? I know if he's not Lutheran I will be tied to a chair until I come to my senses, and that leaves… Ick-ick, and that obviously won't happen. Too many awkward situations to go through.

* Spelling is inconsistent.

(NOTE: Ick-ick is good for a friend.)


but i mebbe is

Does this count as a real blog post?

Friday, July 18, 2008

killer bees

Oh yeah, I was in Semland this week for the Organist Workshop, news on that probably not to follow, and next week I'll be at Friendship Camp. (for developmentally disabled adults.) Joy.

So we were painting Nat's room (blue) when I found, written on the wall, in ink, upside down, in my early cursive handwriting, an ancient text:
Nat is stupid
Nat is dumb
Nat is an idiot
Nat can't spell
Nat is an imbecile

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Okay, so writing-wise, Paul Dies is better than Bob Dies. "You can see the growth of maturity between them," I think somebody said. Heck, you can see the growth of maturity in my writing in the one book. I mean, come on. In the beginning, things happen to him about twice a sentence. Then at the end, we get a bit of dialogue and rest and it's a different tone. Why didn't I have an editor??

However, it seems the 'randomness', or rather, the inconsistency of BD is what people liked about it. Should I just continue to write like it's 2 AM and/or there are several weeks in between sentences? (Meaning the one is hardly related to its neighbor.) I dunno. I am/was rather prouder of PD than of BD, but now I'm just confused.