Monday, July 30, 2007


ingThe Sad Tale of Piera

Piera was a good girl
A good friend
Piera was pretty
Piera told no lies
Cheated nobody
Piera was sweet as honey
Skinny as a twig
Dimwitted as the acorn shell
That was her hat
Piera had a brown pine needle skirt
With a yellow leaf apron
And twine hair
Under her acorn hat
Piera slept under my bed
Until one night when it stormed
And the roof leaked
And Piera
Poor Piera
Poor good sweet skinny dimwitted Piera
As I slept on
She drowned underneath
When I awoke
She was gone
But for her acorn hat

But before you get sad, I'll tell you something: Piera was a twig with pine needles on one end that i found when camping once. I gave her an apron and a hat and some hair and named her Piera.

Hmm… no rhyme, no punctuation. I was feeling lazy, but perhaps it's a type of poetry.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Harry Potter and Issues Etc.

Pr. S. is on Issues Etc. tonight talking about Harry Potter.

So this lady just asked, "Aren't most of the characters based on demons?"

"Well, not that I'm aware of…"

I'm getting really annoyed that most of the people who are calling have never read the books.

It's great. Besides the fact that they're mostly being called by people who are sure this is the work of the devil in one way or another. I think you can download it at .

Pr. S., if you're reading this, which is likely, the useless complaining boy in "Dawn Treader" is Eustace. You just said you couldn't remember his name.

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'M DONE!!!!!!!

759 pages in 22 hours, 57 minutes. Seven of those hours were spent sleeping, and too many were spent packing for HT. Of course, i didn't want to do a rush job on the packing and leave out something vital like my tiara or my nose. But still.

Like i said before, i dressed up and went at midnight. I got the book at 12:06 AM, and started to read right then. At about 3 AM i stopped and went to bed. Note: I did not stay up till 3 on purpose, i just lost track of time. surprisingly, this is the first time i remember doing that for that long. I've been doing it all day long, till i stopped not long ago, at 11:02 PM. I read it in a day. I boast of it.

And so, with that said, i shall place it where it was destined, on my shelf beside it's waiting siblings, where it will live when it is not being read… until it is too old to carry on.

Or i move it.

Ah, i'm done… but this is only the beginning.

Friday, July 20, 2007

HP prediction

Quick, before i get the book:

Harry will say, "Accio Voldemort's heart!" And get him out of the way so he can get to the horcruxes a little more peacefully.

And yes, i went outside and found a stick, and then i went into the attic and got the halloween decorations out and i am at the moment wearing a black cape and witch hat.

Fun stuphph

So, back from Friendship Camp.

Mom hit a car. While she was walking. Because she was going too fast. Soo, she has really impressive scabs and bruises, and just got home from the doctor, where she was seeing if her wrist was okay. It turns out, it's a severe contusion, but when she was sent to the hospital to increase her risk of cancer (x-rays), there were no breaks. Good.

Blackberries are actually producing. S'wonderful.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Blooded sticks and such

Two things from camping last year:

sticks: When we went to the lake we all found sticks and dubbed them our Beloved (Blooded) Sticks. Mine was named Peanut Butter after my dear Peanut Butter the First, a plastic ball i found at the beach once because Peanut Butter was almost lost in the water once, as PB I was. Poor PB I. Anna's was Bathtub because at the campfire the previous night we were talking about names and naming our kids stupid stuphph like 'Apple' and 'Tuesday' and Mrs. Horner (i think) said that you could just pick a random word in the dictionary and that would be your kid's name, and Anna chocked on her marshmallow (a peep in disguise… ooh, those peeps >:E) when we suggested 'Bathtub' for a name. PB II and Bathtub were conjoined twins, but i, the surgeon, seperated them. I broke it into two sticks. Maria's was Cherished because she cherished it, i think. Can't think of another reason. Lillian's was this cute little piece of driftwood named Duckbill because it looked like a duck's head. We were so cute with our beloved sticks… then in the last campfire we burned them. It was fun.

Black Squirrels: They just look so weird. One scared Maria and Anna shot it with her NERF gun. Yay! Oh, but we weren't nearly so scared of that as we were when a chipmunk ran in our tent!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Saint Bob

Ok, I have this website which has all the official usa holidays. So I go on and July Nineth is “Martyrdom of the Bab” day. Now, the font is slightly funky so it looked like “Martyrdom of the Bob” day. Hence, somehow Bob was martyred, not killed (no wait, died; if he was killed he might have been martyred) and now they have a national holiday for it. Which one of your fans got it put in the national register, Magsplat? Unfortunately I didn’t think of it.

Garfield had to be around 15+ years before they invented Garfield Day (on his b-day). Bob Dies hasn’t been available to the public for one year and you already have a holiday for it! Does this mean you will be more popular than Garfield? Now THAT would be an amazing accomplishment!

Your hairiest fan,

M the Pixilated (my new favorite word)

P.S. if anybody can tell me what The Martyrdom of Bab really is I would be most appreciative. Bab? Bab?

Ahem: If you didn't get it, the M wrote this! Yay for her!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Top Fourteen Things To Get Maggie For Her *Something*th Birthday

Just for reference… =P

14. Any good book (in English or auf Deutsch)

13. ‘The Princess Tales , Volume 2’ by Gail Carson Levine

12. ‘Jacob have I loved’ by Katherine Patterson

11. Yarn

10. ‘The Unauthorized Autobiography of Lemony Snicket’

9. A silver permanent marker

8. ‘Willow Run’ by Patricia Reilly Giff

7. Some kind of pretty jewelry, i guess
Dark purple?

6. Who What Where (game)

5. Killer Bunnies (game)

4. One of those big machines in the UPS commercials that shoots out styrofoam packing peanuts

3. Something orange

2. $1,000,000

1. Socks

"True Birthday is a new pair of socks" =P

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fourth of July


This is why one shouldn't drum one's fingers on the keyboard.

So, this whole 'fourth' thing…

Just when i got back from Germany i was talking to my boss (the one who pays me five dollars an hour to hold his baby), and i said i might like it better in Germany. He said, "Really? Not me. Just remember - you can never get the freedom there that you can get here." And he was a soldier, so he went to other countries and saw more than sights of Luther, Bach, and those adorable little bakeries where you can get a roll for twenty-nine cents…

So, what freedom is that? True, it's completely illegal to homeschool there… And there was something about communism. What was that? You'd better post, Big Rock.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

As the seventh month is born:

Happy July!!!!!!!
Happy July!!!!!!!
Happy July!!!!!!!
Happy July!!!!!!!
Happy July!!!!!!!
Happy July!!!!!!!
Happy July!!!!!!!
Happy July!!!!!!!
Happy July!!!!!!!