Saturday, August 25, 2007

Friday, August 17, 2007


Old, but:
You Are Destined to Rule the World

You have the makings of a very evil dictator...
Which is both kind of cool and kind of scary!
Will you rule the world? Maybe. Maybe not.
But at least you know that you could.

And remember, i've never been there.
You Are 52% Texas

At first, you seem Texan... but just because a chicken has wings don't mean it can fly.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Boys are a bit humorous sometimes.

Me: Your face!
Anna: Yeah? Well, your face!
Me: Both our faces!
Nick: Huh?

Cecilia: I know how to play Killer Bunnies!
Matthew, after explaining it quite inadequately to Bekah: But Cecilia learned from Martin, and sometimes Martin doesn't explain it very clearly.

Me: Martin, why did you write your name backwards on your cup?
Martin: Oh, nobody's supposed to notice. They'll just think it's the right way.

(A while ago, when husking corn)
Martin: Why can Maggie husk corn so much faster than me?
Maggie: Maybe i husk corn more often.
Martin: But I bike more!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Why Anna should remain listless

4:31 PM FuzzyAnan*: Is it mini or nano?** I'm confuseded.

23 minutes
4:54 PM me***: Mini, i think.
FuzzyAnan: Why are you yelling about it?
4:55 PM me: I'm gloating.
FuzzyAnan: Where did you go during Bible study?
I see....
me: Home.
I didn't feel good.
4:56 PM FuzzyAnan: I don't/didn't feel good either.
me: Pooah you.
FuzzyAnan: To find the cow!****
4:57 PM To kill the giant!
me: To sell a friend!
FuzzyAnan: I don't think these are the words!
me: To go to the festival!
To Grandmother's house!
4:58 PM FuzzyAnan:
4:59 PM me: No, i don't think they actually say "Into the woods to sell a friend!", but i'm sure the others are said.
5:00 PM FuzzyAnan: So... whatcha been doin?
me: Watching Into the woods.
FuzzyAnan: Besides that. :-E
5:01 PM me: Checking my magnanimous e-mail.
5:02 PM Taking pies out of the oven.
FuzzyAnan: Wow! Action!
me: Trying to print Sita pictures.
FuzzyAnan: Wow! Not-so action!
me: Me headache.
5:03 PM FuzzyAnan: Me tummyache
me: Me tummyache too.
FuzzyAnan: We giggle hurt.
5:04 PM Me ickle brother crying.
Me has lot to clean.
me: So you're giggling at your four year old brother's misery?
FuzzyAnan: No.
5:05 PM me: I swept and swiffered the kitchen floor.
FuzzyAnan: Me in too much pain to react to teasing.
me: Thus assuring my place in heaven (JOKE).
FuzzyAnan: Self mortification!
5:06 PM me: Justification.
FuzzyAnan: Me doing self mortification.
5:07 PM Not having taken pain killer yet.
me: Oh.
Then i guess i am too.
Me no pain killed either.
5:08 PM FuzzyAnan: Me hope no one see what we say.*****
Me think scandalous we are.
me: Me think lazy we are.
5:09 PM FuzzyAnan: Me think we getting out of work we are.
Me think me Yoda-talk be really bad.
5:11 PM Me think you have to read Pastor's comment on my Life Planners post right away!
me: Me think me grammar ith terribler than it should be.
FuzzyAnan: Sorry if we overdid it, Anan, but I'm relieved to know that you're not cranky about it. Of course, planning your life for you would have been much simpler if Mrs. Stuckwisch and I had been given another son between Zachary and Nicholai. Alas, it was not to be. But never fear, we do just happen to have any number of good friends with sons of the appropriate age, and it's only a matter of time before the right match becomes obvious. Who knows, you may even get this figured out on your own before we do No sense taking chances, though. Since we have the advantage of knowing what an amazing young lady you are, it seems only right that we assist you by identifying well-suited young men from good homes and families. We're making a list and checking it twice.
5:13 PM me: That's terrifying!
You're listfull!******
FuzzyAnan: I know!
5:14 PM AaaahhhH!!!!!!!!
me: Ha, but you're two years older than i am.
My list won't come till 2009 or so.
FuzzyAnan: Wwaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!
5:15 PM
me: Nyaaa!
FuzzyAnan: Do you promise to help me survive?
5:16 PM NyaaaaaaaaaaaaAAA!!!!
me: How?
FuzzyAnan: I don't knwo if I can hold up on my own...
me: I could tell tales on you!
FuzzyAnan: Moral support.
me: And the boys would want to be off your list!
FuzzyAnan: Tales! Bad ones!
5:17 PM I'm only one girl!
me: It's okay Naan, they won't like you at all.
FuzzyAnan: Phew!
me: Let's see…
FuzzyAnan: I have a picture of me in a trash can! Would that help!
5:18 PM me: When you get frustrated, you throw eggs.
FuzzyAnan: LOG
me: That would help tons.
FuzzyAnan: LOG
me: Ooh!
You're scandalous!
FuzzyAnan: I grow horns out the sides of my head.
me: Self mortification and such!
FuzzyAnan: Yeah!
5:19 PM I treid to make my brother drink sunscreen!
me: You'll make him wake up at all hours of the night to take pictures of sunscreen!
FuzzyAnan: What?
me: Whoops.
FuzzyAnan: Yeah.
me: Or sunscreen. I could say that too.
5:20 PM FuzzyAnan: I really good at glaring.
me: Sunscreen dresses.
FuzzyAnan: Me face will get stuck that way...
Knife dresses!
me: Ooh, this is great material.
[Whatever he doesn't like] dresses!
FuzzyAnan: I might post this chat on me blog...
5:21 PM Hehehe. (as Aaroon would say)
me: And me on mine.
FuzzyAnan: I have five brothers and I know what boys are really like.
5:22 PM Anti-popularity publicity!
5:24 PM Jonathan Franck could be my brother if anything happened to my parents. Who would want to be related to him?
me: I'm going to see Pr. Stuckwisch tonight. Should i tell him some of this?
FuzzyAnan: If I post on my blog he'll read about it.
me: You write indulgences!
FuzzyAnan: I do!
me: Me too!
Me too!
5:25 PM FuzzyAnan: I make messes and laugh about them!
5:26 PM I'm O negative.
5:27 PM I don't cross myself for "for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory".'
me: You laugh Lots Of Zaaroon Giggles!
5:28 PM I'm not a fan of Texas. Just to be contrary.
me: I been sent to spread the message - bum bum bum - God blessed Texas!
5:29 PM FuzzyAnan: I have wart scars all over my right hand...
me: You like to house vicious bunnies.
FuzzyAnan: My hair bites peeple.
me: You'll draw a picture of him as a misshapen peach.
FuzzyAnan: I call people names like "Peep" and "Bump Head".
5:30 PM LOG!
me: And "Untasty Pastry".*******
FuzzyAnan: And "Weenie!"
5:31 PM I've got a Bible, I'm born again, I got a shotgun ain't afraid to sin!
me: Well, it's time to go.
5:32 PM FuzzyAnan: I ain't got hardly no none grammar skills.
me: You keep thinking these.
FuzzyAnan: Ok.
Into the woods to kill the list!
me: 'excuses!

*FuzzyAnan = Anan (the Fuzzy).
**My "Custom Message" was "Ipod mini, ipod mini!"
***Me = Me.
****I had just changed it to "Into the woods!"
******Meaning she has a List of future husbands. As opposed to me, who remains (as far as i know), blissfully (no offense) Listless.
*******Untasty Pastry = Twinkie.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Listening to music and playing solitaire…

… on our ipod* mini!

But we broke the CD part of our computer while putting music on it, so we can't do anything with discs on this computer. We'll have to use the office one when Dad's not using it.

Just talking to Naomi. She decided that because Saranita** only says yellow, when holding yellow things, yellow must be her favorite color. And to be persuaded otherwise Saranita will have to say these exact words:
"But, Mother Dearest, yellow isn't my favorite color – [pink] is!" Or whatever color she truly likes.

Hmm. Yellow was our first favorite color. Well, Lellow first, the Yellow. Then… Gold, and Blue, and now Orange. And pink is our second favorite, which is partly good because it "goes well with our skin tone," and partly a shame because it's a terrible combination with orange. Oh well. We like them both, kept apart.

Mom came home.

We finished 'Tom Sawyer' today.

We're alphabetizing the books in our room. By author, of course. We've gone through S. Perhaps we shall now do t-v, and - dare we try in one go? - w-z!

*Shame on the computer for not knowing the word "ipod," or for that matter, "okay."
**Triple the shame for not knowing "Saranita!"