Saturday, January 19, 2008

Rambling on

Tag. It's the thingy where i put my ipod on shuffle, listen to the songs, and write "whatever comes to me" ten times.

  1. whatever comes to me
  2. whatever comes to me
  3. whatever comes to me
  4. whatever comes to me
  5. whatever comes to me
  6. whatever comes to me
  7. whatever comes to me
  8. whatever comes to me
  9. whatever comes to me
  10. whatever comes to me
That done:

  1. Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts: I was sitting in the back of the car, nose buried in a book, waiting for Mom to come out of the supermarket with emergency milk and whatever. Naomi and Nat were sitting ahead of me, listening to the radio, which was much too loud. I was already hot and tired. I plugged my ears and ignored it.
  2. Taking Tea in Dreamland by Chris Vrenna: The nightmare where i'm walking down a long dark hallway with worms under my bare feet. The worms get angry and rise up in a wave. They engulf me, and i wake up.
  3. Those Dinosaur Blues by Michael Ford: Really bored. Sit on top of the doghouse and sing "Nobody likes me, everybody hates me," at the top of my voice. In-key.
  4. All You Need is Love by The Beatles: A pencil i had once. Orange and pink swirlies, with hearts and smileys and steering wheels on it.
  5. The Phantom of the Opera (Techno Remix): Anna hitting me.
  6. The Twilight Zone Theme by Marius Constant: Staying up late with all siblings, watching creepy old shows, like the one where a guy has a watch that stops time, and uses it a bunch (of course), until time's stopped and it breaks. Stay awake long that night, but no nightmares.
  7. To the Pirates' Cave by Klaus Badelt: It actually just reminds me of the movie, sitting on popcorn, and being cold from that dumm air conditioning.
  8. Stay Home by Self: The day I was home along and put on the music and ran around the house like an idiot while cleaning. Took several moments to *gasp* dance like an idiot.
  9. Madame Guillotine by Ensamble: The book i'll write someday. Organized cruel cold government. Red-blood-stained fingers.
  10. Come with Me by Sara Ramirez and Tim C…: Happy sparkly mermaids.
I really love the soundtrack to The Scarlet Pimpernel; Madame Guillotine, for instance:

I know the gutter and I know the stink of the street
Kicked like a dog, I have spat out the bile of defeat
All you beauties who towered above me
You who gave me the smack of your rod
Now I give you the gutter
I give you the judgment of God!

Vengeance victorious
These are the glorious days
Women of Paris, come gather your bloody bouquets!
Now gaze on our goddess of justice
With her shimmering, glimmering blade
As she kisses these traitors she sings them a last serenade

Sing, swing
Savor the sting
As she severs you, Madame Guillotine
Slice, come paradise
You'll be smitten with Madame Guillotine

The world may be ugly, but each man must do what he must
Give in pretty dear, in a year you will be pretty dust
Now come let our lady possess you
In her breathtaking, hair-raising bed
She will tingle your spine
As she captures your heart and your head

Sing, swing
Savor the sting
As she severs you, Madame Guillotine
Slice, come paradise
Our Delilah will shave you razor clean

God, when did man lose his reason?
Save us, my God, if you're there
God, can you not feel the terror like a fire in the air?

Flash, slash! Glisten and gash!
She will ravish you, Madame Guillotine
Split, Madame just bit
Give her more to bite, she's a hungry queen
Sing, savor the sting
As she severs you, Madame Guillotine
Slice, come paradise
Hail her Majesty!
Madame Guillotine!

It's just so powerful, and the music is great too. I only ever saw the musical once, at Bethel, but i loved it right then and there, though it might've been the dresses. And French people die in it.

As a sadder one, here's When I Look at You:

When I look at you, she is touching me
I would reach for her, but who can hold a memory?
And love isn't everything
That moonlight on the bed will melt away, someday
Oh, you were once that someone
Who I followed like a star
Then suddenly you changed,
And now I don't know who you are
Or could it be that I never really knew you from the start?
Did I create a dream?
Was she a fantasy?

I miss her so, when I look at you

Sung by Douglas Sills. Christine Andreas also sings it, and longer, too, i think, but i like the way he sings it better.

I'm probably going too long again.

Does anybody have tickets to The Scarlet Pimpernel? That would be so cool.

I don't know how many people i'm supposed to tag. I'm lazy. Free tags for everybody!


  1. The only song I think I recognize, (other than the Beatles one is that last one. Is that what I think it is?

    (I liked His Name Is Lancelot better even though I dislike disco...)

  2. 1. Country
    2. Computer game
    3. Kids' song (from Philadelphia Chickens)
    4. Beatles
    5. I really don't know
    6. Twilight Zone theme; if you don't know what the Twilight Zone is, that's bad - wikipedia it
    7. Pirates of the Carribean soundtrack
    8. Shrek soundtrack
    9. The Scarlet Pimpernel soundtrack
    10. Monty Python soundtrack

  3. Love the Beatles song, and love the lyrics. Gotta find that song now...

  4. #5... "Anna hitting me."??? Why would I do a thing like that?


  5. Did I read you wrong or did you say something about a 'Scarlett Pimpernel' movie?

    (The books are AWESOME!)

  6. Anan: You want a list?

    TruthQuestioner: Um, no, Broadway musical.

  7. No! I hate lists! I mean there's *those* lists... and then there's *LISTS*. The kind that makes you want to hide under your bed for the rest of your life.