Monday, September 27, 2010

Seriously this year.

Unless something big comes up, this:

It's on October 9th, a Saturday (naturally).

The picture is a link.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Gotta get back to HT! Gotta get away from school! Gotta get back to HT, where everybody knows I'm cool!

Bethel tries to be Higher Things. It's also school, of course, but it's trying to get me excited and go to all their "services" and the sessions (classes, which I actually do go to, because they're required and sometimes interesting) and hang out with all them other youths between.

That's my main point: it wants my school friends to be like my HT friends. And it works, for a lot of people; I see people hanging out all the time and have THE BEST TIMES apparently. I mean, that's what Freshman Year Experience is for, making bestest friendses. I think the "block" is the equivalent of an assigned youth group or something.

So guess what. After having classes with them, hanging out during orientation and going to a block party and even (gasp!) occasionally greeting them outside all these activities, I am in fact a little fond of these people. None of them are terribly annoying at this point in our acquaintanceship, and some of them are entertaining. However, most days I'd still rather be alone. I'm an introvert, okay? It's only the people I really, really like that I want to spend time with.

You hear me, Bethel? (No you don't, you're not invited. Also you're inanimate.) I DON'T HAVE ANY FRIENDS THERE. And don't force them on me. I'm actually pretty happy this way.

I think this is about the most I've ever missed Higher Things—not only the company, but also the GOOD theology etc. Y'all who have experienced Post-HT Blues knows how drastic that is.
I can't wait for next year.

I should sleep.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Practical "You" Paper (15%)

You will complete a short paper (not to exceed four typewritten pages) in which you will write your "Jesus Story." How did you begin your journey with Jesus? Have you experienced any detours, speed bumps, or potholes in your journey with Him? Where are you right now in your journey? Where would you like to be? What is your greatest challenge/joy in following Jesus? Don't just answer the questions but use them as a catalyst that will help you to engage your journey with Jesus and share about the real you. In conjunction with your personal journey with Jesus select a Bible character that you relate to or one has encourage you in your journey and briefly share why they are meaningful to you. How has their journey with Jesus encouraged your helped you? Maybe it is someone from the Gospel of John!

For Exploring the Christian Faith. Ugggghhhhhhh!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Salvation unto Us Has Come, LSB 555.

4. From sin our flesh could not abstain,
Sin held its sway unceasing;
The task was useless and in vain,
Our guilt was e'er increasing.
None can remove sin's poisoned dar
Or purify our guileful heart—
So deep is our corruption.

9. Faith clings to Jesus' cross alone
And rests in Him unceasing;
And by its fruits true faith is known,
With love and hope increasing.
For faith alone can justify;
Works serve our neighbor and supply
The proof that faith is living.

Notes From Organ Workshop, 2008 edition.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010

Weirdo arches.

Sooooo this. I've been skating ice. Except my feet are all weird and malformed or something so the skates hurt, even when I'm wearing my arch supports. On the other hand, I picked up the whole moving-and-not-falling thing pretty quickly, so that's fun. Today I worked on going backwards.

I probably looked pretty stupid.

Also! My blog is private. I'm pretty much inviting random people I know read my blog, so if I seem to have forgotten someone just let me know. My arches probably deleted them or something.