Friday, July 20, 2007

You're an owl!

You're an Owl!

Old and wise, you have a thirst for knowledge and a reputation for
making the right decision. This can be a lot of pressure sometimes, but you seem
so relaxed and unruffled that it never seems to show. You always keep your eyes
wide open and fixed on your next objective, or on the Harry Potter books, which
you love. The only question you ever ask is "Who?"

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1 comment:

  1. I am a wasp, apparently.

    Not completely accurate, but at least it got the "white, Anglo, Protestant" part right.

    "You're a Wasp!
    Brutal and dangerous, you are capable of wreaking havoc on others with little remorse. You love mud and seem to appear out of nowhere whenever people find a bit of wet dirt. You have a fierce temper and don't mind resorting to it whenever people get in your way, especially by hogging all that wonderful mud! Your home is where your heart is, but is also relatively flimsy and ugly. You are almost unquestionably white, Anglo-Saxon, and Protestant."