Sunday, July 29, 2007

Harry Potter and Issues Etc.

Pr. S. is on Issues Etc. tonight talking about Harry Potter.

So this lady just asked, "Aren't most of the characters based on demons?"

"Well, not that I'm aware of…"

I'm getting really annoyed that most of the people who are calling have never read the books.

It's great. Besides the fact that they're mostly being called by people who are sure this is the work of the devil in one way or another. I think you can download it at .

Pr. S., if you're reading this, which is likely, the useless complaining boy in "Dawn Treader" is Eustace. You just said you couldn't remember his name.

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  1. Thank you, Margaret. It was driving me crazy that I couldn't remember his name, and I've not thought to look it up when I've had the time and opportunity to do so. Eustace, Eustace, Eustace. Hopefully it'll stick with me now.

    I'm glad you got to listen, and that you enjoyed the program. Did you hear Sam call in from Fort Wayne? That was pretty cool!

  2. Useless Eustace. Useless Eustace.

    No i didn't hear Sam! Oh, i'll just have to listen to it again! *sigh* =P