Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Saint Bob

Ok, I have this website which has all the official usa holidays. So I go on and July Nineth is “Martyrdom of the Bab” day. Now, the font is slightly funky so it looked like “Martyrdom of the Bob” day. Hence, somehow Bob was martyred, not killed (no wait, died; if he was killed he might have been martyred) and now they have a national holiday for it. Which one of your fans got it put in the national register, Magsplat? Unfortunately I didn’t think of it.

Garfield had to be around 15+ years before they invented Garfield Day (on his b-day). Bob Dies hasn’t been available to the public for one year and you already have a holiday for it! Does this mean you will be more popular than Garfield? Now THAT would be an amazing accomplishment!

Your hairiest fan,

M the Pixilated (my new favorite word)

P.S. if anybody can tell me what The Martyrdom of Bab really is I would be most appreciative. Bab? Bab?

Ahem: If you didn't get it, the M wrote this! Yay for her!

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