Saturday, July 21, 2007

I'M DONE!!!!!!!

759 pages in 22 hours, 57 minutes. Seven of those hours were spent sleeping, and too many were spent packing for HT. Of course, i didn't want to do a rush job on the packing and leave out something vital like my tiara or my nose. But still.

Like i said before, i dressed up and went at midnight. I got the book at 12:06 AM, and started to read right then. At about 3 AM i stopped and went to bed. Note: I did not stay up till 3 on purpose, i just lost track of time. surprisingly, this is the first time i remember doing that for that long. I've been doing it all day long, till i stopped not long ago, at 11:02 PM. I read it in a day. I boast of it.

And so, with that said, i shall place it where it was destined, on my shelf beside it's waiting siblings, where it will live when it is not being read… until it is too old to carry on.

Or i move it.

Ah, i'm done… but this is only the beginning.

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