Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Blooded sticks and such

Two things from camping last year:

sticks: When we went to the lake we all found sticks and dubbed them our Beloved (Blooded) Sticks. Mine was named Peanut Butter after my dear Peanut Butter the First, a plastic ball i found at the beach once because Peanut Butter was almost lost in the water once, as PB I was. Poor PB I. Anna's was Bathtub because at the campfire the previous night we were talking about names and naming our kids stupid stuphph like 'Apple' and 'Tuesday' and Mrs. Horner (i think) said that you could just pick a random word in the dictionary and that would be your kid's name, and Anna chocked on her marshmallow (a peep in disguise… ooh, those peeps >:E) when we suggested 'Bathtub' for a name. PB II and Bathtub were conjoined twins, but i, the surgeon, seperated them. I broke it into two sticks. Maria's was Cherished because she cherished it, i think. Can't think of another reason. Lillian's was this cute little piece of driftwood named Duckbill because it looked like a duck's head. We were so cute with our beloved sticks… then in the last campfire we burned them. It was fun.

Black Squirrels: They just look so weird. One scared Maria and Anna shot it with her NERF gun. Yay! Oh, but we weren't nearly so scared of that as we were when a chipmunk ran in our tent!


  1. I named my stick Cherished? I can't remember why unless it was because of the song "Cherish" that i love. Sometime we will have to get together and write a memoir of the trip because we all remember different things.

  2. I think it was 'cuz you were telling us about someone who named her baby Precious (something) and then gave it up for adoption.

  3. Anan--hey, i think that's right! Phew, it's good to know for sure.

  4. eventualy you will run out of names for things.

  5. Then we'll just have to re-use the names.