Tuesday, December 09, 2008


I think I may be slightly Obsessive-Compulsive. It's either that or I have a bunch of weird habits that just look like OCD. Examples... I blink way more often than I need to, and occasionally in groups of three. I'm always clearing my throat (I do this very quietly), just over and over again until I get distracted. I don't think about it anymore, though. And I count stairs - though I don't care if I remember them or not. I count them in groups separated by landings, because that just makes sense. For instance, going upstairs is ten-four. (Go ahead. Make a joke. You know you want to.) Going out the front door down to the sidewalk is four-seven. In Germany, the first place we stayed was four-seven-four-eleven. In Semland, going downstairs of the commons is eight-four-ten. Going up (or down) the stairs next to the lake up to chapel is twelve-twelve-twelve. I also get prejudices based off of these numbers. I like the number twelve (like the stairs down to Pastor's basement), and whatever number my age is, and I don't like the number five. (You may already know this.) I find it somewhat annoying if the stairs are an odd number, at least because it's harder to skip along them. Grandma's upstairs is seventeen steps away, and I'm still wondering whose idea that was.

I need a new paragraph.

Or two. When I tap my feet or my fingers, I usually have a pattern, usually in groups of four. (I've wondered if this is because of all my musical groundings. You know, most measures are in four-four time. I generally imagine my beats as quarter notes.) It sometimes goes (R=right foot L=left foot) RLRL RRLL LRLR LLRR LRLR LLRR RLRL RRLL. And that's dotted quarter note, eighth note, six quarter notes. Repeat repeat repeat. And then I'm done. But I do this all the time... have you ever noticed me tapping my fingers in a pattern? If so, that's my "habit," or sometimes I'm just hyper.

Like now.

Oh, and I have keratosis pilaris for sure, but it's okay. It affects 40% of adults and 50-80% of adolescents, and women more than men. It doesn't hurt. I think the ways of getting rid of it are expensive lotion or just waiting a while. Good to know, though.


  1. I'm sorry you think you're obsessive compulsive. I also count stairs.

    I memorize license plates. Yes, you read that right. I know everyone in my extended family's license plate number. I also know if I've seen that license before, but that always drives me crazy because then I can't remember where I saw it.

  2. No, you misunderstand me; I think it's cool. (Because if it's true, it's obviously very mild.)

  3. Well, I think we all have OCD-ish tendencies. I could list some of mine, but I can't remember them now. Except that I don't like the number 7, but do like 5, 9, and any number with 9 in it, particularly 39.

    I also have some non-numerical ones.

    As for what Becky said, that's got to be a CIA analysis position waiting to happen.

  4. I count stairs too! I think it's because I like to go up them two at a time, but I have to end on my right foot... don't ask me why.