Thursday, December 11, 2008

the four types of writers

  1. There is the type that writes a first draft the way a first draft is meant to be written, and in the second draft expounds on it and makes it longer.
  2. There is the type that writes a first draft fairly the way it will be in the end, which takes longer, and in the second draft cuts out all the trash and strengthens a few points, but overall makes it shorter. (Me.)
  3. In-betweens.
  4. Freaks.
This is my excuse that my NaNo is being cut down to between 35k and 40k. I'd kind of like to replace some of the parts that weren't worthy of being read, but who knows how long that would take me.


  1. Now, normally between the first two types, type one takes a lot longer to edit, which means I should be a (relatively) fast editor, but I'm not. Maybe in that way I'm type four.

  2. I don't know what type I would be... I tend to write a little, and then spend days editing that little bit before moving on to actually write some more. I also habitually reread what I've written and mark what needs to be changed, so that what I write never stays the same. Maybe NaNoWriMo would be good for me; it would force me to just write without editing.

  3. Yes, it sounds like just what you need.

  4. I'm generally caught between type one and type two.. during NaNo I'm definately type two, but the rest of the time, I think I'm prolly type one.. or else I'm just a freak. :p