Saturday, November 29, 2008

Third Contest!

First of all, the winners to last week's contest:

  • "I can kill you a thousand different ways. How does that make you feel?" (Robin)
  • “Hand me your purse, or I’ll drink this cappuccino right in front of you, and you won’t get a drop!” (Squishy)
  • "Soon the whole world will fall to my power and the pants factories will all be closed down and no more will their evil spread through the land" (Nick)
  • "You're not dead yet? Wait." (Robin)
  • “Tell me where the money is, or I’ll make you go to your orthodontist appointment, and I won’t let you brush first.” (Squishy)
  • “The worms will eat your body very slowly, yes.” (Me)
Except I kept my personal best out because I plan to use it.

This week's contest: Bad Hallmark cards.

Example: Sorry for the loss of your loved one. Are you free on Saturday?

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