Tuesday, November 25, 2008

mo' patterns

I decided to look through all the VOGUE PARIS ORIGINAL patterns, namely because of this dominant expression. I think it's hilarious.

So there's this one, which I actually kind of like, minus the flower.

Then you have funny pictures, like the one where the lady is being abducted. I suppose that isn't funny, though. In this one, Ms. Bright Red is about to slap the Mr. because he's making fun of somebody.

They are obviously aliens. Wearing wigs.

Here, Left won't look at Right because she looks like a clown and she doesn't want to laugh.

This seems to have been the inspiration for that one dress in the Narnia movie.

And speaking of fur... this hat on the immediate left is eating the lady's head. And as far as this pattern goes, the dress is nothing special, but the cape! Oh, wow!

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