Saturday, November 15, 2008


  1. Come up with the *best* opening line. OR
  2. Come up with the *worst* opening line.
I'm the judge. I probably won't enter. Unless everything's pitiful. Entries should be original.

[EDIT: You could probably e-mail them to me. I think everybody who would enter has my e-mail address. If not, comment and I'll contact you somehow.]


  1. In the land where hopefully someday something will go right a greatly scientific thing happened.

  2. When is this contest over? Can we enter more than once?

  3. Another thing: The bad ones can be funny-bad.

    Anan: ... If it works.

    Rachel D:Enter as many lines as you want! And I encourage you to e-mail them, so people won't see it coming... like a ninja.