Sunday, December 30, 2007

What should the name of Pastor's dishwasher be?

It is no longer Nick-Ig. Note: ours is Charlie, and the one at Anan's house is Igor.

I would say that you may give many many suggestions and i'll pick one, but i think it would probably be better to let Pastor pick. Suggest away!

Also note: Scrubby-do Sue is also taken.


  1. Octavian seems good to me, and since there aren't any other suggestions, anyway, it looks like a winner.

  2. Well, I like "Doctopus," too. And I sense a theme going here; something with the number eight. I have no idea what that means, but it may have some mystical significance.

    Maybe we could name our dishwasher "Octavian Doctopus," or "Octopus" for short.

    Or "Doctopus Octavian," and "Doc Ock" for short. That has more than a bit of a Spidey ring to it.

    Either way, having eight big wet arms to wash the dishes would seem like a good thing.

    The plot thickens.

  3. Here are some suggestions from other people:

    1. Suds ‘n’ Swish

    2. Soapy Slick Silvia

    3. Noah (you know—he survived a lot of “washing”

    4. Leviticus/Levi (talks about stuff being “unclean”

    5. Wash-All Paul

    6. Dry By Night

    7. Scrub and Suds

    8. Cadwallader (it’s silly, right?)

    9. Washington

    10. Bubbles Bubba

    11. Bubbles Bunny

    12. Tiny Bubbles (like the song)

    13. Champagne (has tiny bubbles)

    14. Bathsheba

    15. Josephine Garish Cochran—inventor of the dishwasher (could go by “JoGaCo” or Jo or Garish or something)

    16. 1886 (the year the dishwasher was invented)

    17. Swish and Wish

    18. No More Prune Hands

    19. Wish for a Clean Dish

    20. So Soapy

    21. Slosh and Wash

    22. Sloshy Washy Soapy Slippery

    I like 4, 13, and part of 15: Garish.