Thursday, December 13, 2007


Ah, the Seminary is a great place. In the chapel i can sing as loud as i can and not be heard, at the library i can check my e-mail or read terrifyingly thick books, and this time i spent a lot of time at the clothing bank, shopping. I got three pairs of jeans (i've been marveling ever since at how warm they keep my legs), six skirts (hehe), and four sewing patterns. Blouse, skirt, skirt, jumper.

I got asked today again if i'm a Sem-wife. I don't look that old, do i?

Yesterday at Grandma's i helped move a bunch of furniture. She was having the carpet in one of the upstairs bedrooms re-stretched to get rid of the forming mountains, so we moved out two chairs, a floor lamb, several stacks of books, three large boxes, a nightstand, two mattresses, two boxsprings, and various other bits of stuff. The other things, three dressers and two bedframes, the carpet people were able to work around.

And i got to pick my first Christmas tree. Every year we use the fake one in the attic. But i went with Grandma (and cousin Ben, two years old) to the place, and they were looking at trees with my Uncle Dave, who was proving every one to have gaping holes or rabies or something, and i just picked a tall-looking tree (always a plus) and showed it to them, and it was a good tree. Grandma and Aunt Amy and cousin Brandon (Ben's family) and i had to move a little furniture in the living room for the tree, but it wasn't that much.

Benjamin has bright red hair, bright red eyebrows, and even bright red eyelashes. He's pretty big for his age, and doesn't say much. He said Dindin for Brandon, barn which is exactly right, tthurt for church, and tree, once again right. He might've said Maggie once, but it's doubtful, as he wasn't sure if i could be trusted. Oh yes, and we played a game involving shooting little metal balls across a board, and he kept saying something that Grandma was convinced was guy, but i'm pretty sure he was saying, die, die, die! Also he half-screamed when i dared to pick him up of the couch. Which he was standing on.

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  1. I should be happy that you had so much fun. Instead I just feel envious 'cuz I spent my week being upset and sick to my stomach.