Thursday, December 20, 2007

Reading extremely old e-mails

There are places that have giant fans that blow people into the air so that they can really fly.
Agent Delta

I had a dream something like that once. We (Dad, Mom, Naomi, Nick, Nat, me) all visited a space station for Nathaniel's birthday, and they used the jet engines to blow us up in the air, and you have to go straight up or you'll get out of the flow and fall and die. It was pretty hard. Then we played a game where it was put at an angle, and when we were blown we had to fall into the windshield of Nick's new car and catch the yellow crayon there. It was a great game till Nathaniel crashed and died. Then Nick died. Dad and Mom and Naomi didn't want to play any more, but they let me, only they drove away in the late Nick's car, and i had to catch the yellow crayon in midair (i think it floated), and do an air-flip and land on my feet. After that i don't remember.


  1. That's absolutely brilliant! "Until Nathaniel crashed and died"... Awesome. :p

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  3. Why don't *I* get a label? Hhmmm? You can't give AD a label and not give one to your sworn enemy!

    There are some other things that you can feel free to give just to him... Like a really hard poke in the back, or a snowball in the face. :D