Saturday, December 08, 2007


Need. Tonight was the Candle Walk (candles are placed in paper bags all along both sides of both sidewalks of a fairly short street, and people walk up and down and get emotional and runny-nosed, the second accidental), so Fuzzy and Squishy and Juicy and i walked and got emotional and runny-nosed. And cold in other ways: by the time we got back, i couldn't feel my legs. I probably shouldn't wear skirts (as opposed to pants, not opposed to nothing) for walking outside in December, but it's not really an option for me anymore. Here is probably where i sigh.

Made cookies today. Frosted them with the Peach Slaves.*

I picked my CHRISTmass "recital" pieces just now, which is sad, since the "recital" is in exactly a week. Ah well. Wading through Advent, CHRISTmass and Epiphany pieces is fun, especially when i play so much pedal the heel of my foot goes to sleep.

The reason it's a "recital" and not just a plain recital is that the "recital" is done at the mall. They hook the piano up to the speaker system and sell hours of time to whoever will perform. It's what we've done the last two years for December recitals.

And now for my slightly-edited-for-those-who-know-me-ish CHRISTmass wishlist, just in case… ;D

  1. Pants!
  2. A long stapler, that can staple a regular-sized piece of paper in the middle
  3. "Tintenblut" by Cornelia Funke, in German (not "Tintenherz")
  4. Or perhaps "Tintentod" by the same author
  5. ‘Willow Run’ by Patricia Reilly Giff
  6. "Enna Burning" by Shannon Hale
  7. A wallet (full if possible)
  8. Who What Where (game)
  9. Killer Bunnies (game)
  10. The New Yorker Cartoon Caption game
  11. Something orange
  12. $1,000,000 (not going to stop trying)
If you must get me jewelry (that sounds conceited), red would be appreciated.

*(not to Fuzzy or Squishy or Denim) Do you know who the Peach Slaves are?

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  1. I am tempted to get Tintentod for my friend Coral, whose fault it is that I read that series in the first place, because she just got her Master's- thanks to many hours of German in addition to her beloved dead languages...