Friday, March 02, 2007

My two minds

It seems (as the title suggests) that i am often of (at least) two minds. Usually, the one mind is going and being the immature clueless annoying young'un while the other one is foreseeing these dumb things, shaking her head, and rolling her eyes. I wish she would come out more often. Hey, it's late. Woah. Ooh - yeah. go look at Bob dieing, it's in the archives somewhere. And this is great. A little old, but at least i put it up at all. I hope it works on the slower computers. Oops. I should've gone to a new paragraph. Oh whatever. ER. erererererer er er erer er goodnight.


  1. I so know about the mature/immature dillema. Sometimes i feel ANCIENT though. Generally when surrounded with 6 or more little kids though. 6, get it?
    Saranita is so cute! Her laughs are very bubbly.

  2. I find it amusing that your mature mind sees these things coming, but does nothing about it. :P

    I have to watch that video... prolly when I'm on a computer that's not slow and has sound...

  3. awe. *pinches little cheeks*

    my mind and i aren't talking lately. it's never liked me, but lately it's been very crabby.

  4. Awe? You're in awe of me already? I figured that would wait until after my second book, but who am i to complain?

    *breaks not-so-little fingers* Watch out, i know Gitchee Gitchee Goo! Achoo!