Thursday, March 15, 2007

… Dies: A Series Of Fortunate Events

The price just went up, so in person it's $2.00, $2.50 for signed editions. You can order one to be mailed, but it costs another 50 cents. For shipping and handling. It's possible to do this through conferences.

And the reason the title says '…' instead of 'Bob' is……………
I'm introducing you to the fact that i'm writing more! Yes, now that Bob's died, i'm killing Paul. Yes, i've actually started. Next, Ethan. Then Nick (at my church), Erik (Anan's oldest younger brother), Aaron, Nat. This list is subject to change. Whatever happens, i want Nat to be last. 'Cause. Any comments/suggestions?


  1. if ethan's dead i'm happy.


  2. Are you saying your writing a sequel? Good-o!

  3. happy st patrick's day!

    Erin go Bragh de Eirinn saoirse rogha!

    ma tu canna tuig seo me damanta sainmhíniú!

  4. English please. My great-great-grandpa Samuel J. M. (my Dad's Mom's Mom's Dad), who was born Dec. 5, 1844, in Belfast, Ireland, wow that's a lot of commas, and came to USA when he was seven, and later on married, then his wife died or something, and he married my great-great-grandma, and had at least my great-grandma, didn't teach me anything about reading/writing/talkin/understanding that stuphph.

  5. I think you should have him fall off a bridge or get hit by a train. Or stab himself with a pencil the way i did accidentally yesterday. Then he could get lead poisoning. You could have him get gangrene, too.

  6. you could have someone get poisoned by cyanide or die of gluttony, or it could be a group murder from everyone in the train car
    (thank Agatha Christie for that)
    so now I have to bring $2.50 to the conference??? sheesh
    oh well
    books is good stuff
    and you should kill Brennick off

  7. Hey! I die? Wow. I feel so honored.

    ... Sorta. Ahem.

  8. Oh aye, and Hapy Saint Paddy's!

    Slainte agus Beannacht!