Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Do you have any idea what this is about?
  1. Saranita Kay, my neice (yippeeeee!), or Sita, has turned, today, at 5:03 AM, Six Months Old!! Which is Awesome!!!!! (in the title, those are half-birthdays)
  2. (doesn't seem *so* special anymore, next to thoughts of Sita) The Rhein Family isn't going on their usual vacation this year--we're going to Germany! We're driving to Chicago and catching a plane on April 30th, and it'll land in Frankfurt after - ugh - ten hours. And we're coming back the same way on May 19th. My blog will be vacant during that time, i believe. Ooh, and our flights - They're on Air India. Weird, huh?


  1. oh man that is AMAZING! do you know what you'll be doing? what will you go see'n'stuff?

  2. Maggie, ten hours is nothing. Assuming of course you'll be the typical Rhein and bring books. But, then, i have to go ten hours to see either one of grandparents.
    I am so excited for you!
    As i've said before.
    I want you to give me all the details. All of them. And i want to see pictures. All the good ones.
    You know what book you should bring? The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax or A Palm for Mrs. Pollifax. They are about espianoge overseas and are funny and Lillian, Stephen, Vincent, Anna, and I all LOVE them so they can't be bad, can they? And they hold in reverence COFFEE. It'll put you in the overseas mood. Those two are my favorites but any other Mrs. Pollifaxes are good, too. But you probably are already simaltaniously (sp?)reading 3 books at least so i really don't expect you to read them.

  3. I'll put them on my mental booklist. Actually, I'm only reading two books right now, gasp.

  4. Germany. I'm so jealous. Well, you could replace Germany with anywhere outside the US, and the sentiment would be the same.

    Anyway, that sounds really cool, and have fun and all that...

    and Ha! I'm reading four books.

  5. ethan, only 4 books? im disappointed...

    i heard they have beer at mcdonald's in germany, and the leagal drinking age is like 16. i wanna live in germany.

  6. Legal drinking age? No such thing in Germany. Ha!

    Oh, and i remembered i was reading three books after all. And now i'm reading six, i think. HA!!

  7. SIX books, maggie? cool! I'm only reading four. Not counting Betsy Tacy and Tib, which i'm reading aloud to Isabelle.

  8. Wow... you're so lucky =.

    *is very jealous*