Wednesday, March 21, 2007

E-vile news

I got new shoes. They're red. And size eleven in USA. Did you know that in EUR (according to my shoes) that would be size forty-four? That's huge. Yeah, my feet are officially huge. We went to this big shoe store. It looks like a warehouse. And we could hardly find any shoes in my size, and none bigger. But then we went to Payless, where i got two pairs of shoes (the red ones and white summer church sandals), and Mom got two pairs of shoes, and Nat got a pair of shoes, and the next day. my Dad went and bought a pair of shoes there. But back to my shoes. They're nice, practical yet perty. Mary Jane style.


(not referring to me)


  1. oh yeah, mary Jane...she tasted nasty.

  2. At least you don't have to wear men's sneakers, like me. They are white and boring and huge. Like my feet. You will have to tell me more about this place where they sell pretty but practical shoes.

  3. Sorry Maggie,the big-footed, I couldn't help laughing while readig this post and HAD to comment. ;)

    Liddy, the small-footed person