Thursday, May 18, 2006

Look! A boring post title!

GSo, i'm suppose to talk about everyday life. How do you like that?

IMy dream last night was weird:

RI was playing with a friend of mine, named Oly'anna (age: almost five), in the glass elevater in their house when i noticed her little brother Frederick (age: one), walking unsupervised in the front yard (near heavy traffic). Of course i go get him.

LNext thing i know, i'm being told there's been a terrible accident. I'll be blind for the rest of my life.

!But of course i can wear my glasses, which make my eyes normal.

!The next day, i have twenty-twenty vision. Fun.

!When i woke up, i really thought it was Sunday.

!Oh well.

!What now?

!I don't know.

!I'm bored.

!Yes, *gasp* bored.

!Candy Bus Scary Ect.!


  1. Hmmm...i wonder if anybody will get the significance of what you sorta said! There are going to be alot of let-down peeple out there. What was the last "vote" ?# verses ?# ???
    I love posting comments!!! I also like this oldfashioned type look.
    Now Squishy (i meeself) has to is Isabelle's b-day so peeple are over.

  2. Peeple? Like *real* peeple?!?!? That walk and talk etc...!?!??!

  3. Oh Anan, of course real peeple! Miss Sullivan, Robin, and your dear sister. Amazing!!! A comment by somebody besides me and Fuzzy! I thought i was your Only Faithful...
    I really ought to make a blog so i can put up a picture of Kari. Where did you get the pictures anyhow? Just looked up the incredibles? Your identity is your most valuble possession!!!

  4. Maggie found it for me. Isn't she nice??? Yes it is amazing... Except he's only posted on Maggie's blog. Not mine. You (M) are the only person who's ever posted on mine. *sniff*

  5. Anan, I had no idea you had a blog or whatnot.

    Maggie, you really shouldn't have your full name in your profile.

  6. She didn't put down the city so it doesn't matter that much. I mean, Anna's brother shares the first and last name with someone on his street so really they aren't going to track her down.
    I would never dare. My parents think i am totally irresponsible with the Net. "Don't give out your name! Don't give out addresses! Don't click on spam stuff! We could get viruses! If somebody is talking to you on the computer, get an adult!" The last really creeped me out because there was this talking spam from a clip in a movie and I didn't notice it becaue it was covered up behind other stuff and then i hear these VOICES.
    My Dad doesn't understand what is so facinating about the internet--he can't type, and he can hardly send an email--and Mom just doesn't want to use it. So therefore they don't understand what i find so fascinating.

  7. You're so ucky to actually have close-to-normal my dreams, nothing's ever clear...i know wuts goin' on in the dream, but when i wake up, I'm thinkin' "How did all that come about again?"...yea, my dreams r never clear to me...the only unusual thing in yours was the glass elevator...LUCKY! <-----think of that being said by Napoleon

    I'll ttyl, Maggie!

    Love, Missi