Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Hellellellellollollollollello! Lellow!

So, i'm bored. You might be able to tell that with the post title thingiemabob.

CrazyVogelHaver: what does it mean? Crazy=crazy, insane, nuts, mad, lunatic, touched, cracked, deranged, bereft of reason, maniacal, daft, moonstruck, raving, starck mad, frenzied, unhinged, delerious, irrational, crazed, crackbrained, insensate,
insamadlunacrazed (i just made that up)(it was fun). Vogel=bird (from German). Haver=haver, owner, possessor, holder, master/mistress, lord, proprietor/proprietress. Insane Bird Possessor. There is a phrase in German. 'Sie hat einen Vogel.' It means 'she has a bird' or, very roughly translated: 'She's kookoo.' So, i'm a CrazyKook. That took a while and was boring. Ah well.

Lellow is good. I suspect we all concur on that. I also like "Roget's Pocket Thesaurus".

I am the youngest of 4ish5: Amanda Pearl, age 23, in Virginia working at Busch Gardens. Naomi, age 20 (very soon 21) living with her husband Nick (age 21, a paramedic) and unborn child (YAY!), Nathaniel, age 16, works at Kroger and is a brother. He's mean to me with his superior knowledge of computers. I'm 12, i have my first job babysitting (i actually get paid now) and i have so little in my life i can write the whole thing down on a blog. But now something happens. I get to pull up dandilions now!


  1. Maggie... You could post about boring things you know! I wouldn't mind! Really! I would read all about your boring life every day! And it would be funny!



  2. So are you going to just abandon us right after you got our attention?

  3. Anan, if you cough one more time, i'll have a lot more to write about.


  4. Maggie, that should have been spelled

  5. If you have a naighbor, she'll have a funural.