Thursday, May 15, 2008

Saturday, 10th of May

Last evening i served company alone. Well, Dad and Nat were here, but they didn't cook any. It was very easy, but company still makes me nervous. Pork roast, baked potatoes, corn (from the freezer, previously from Grandma's fields), and a can of peaches. Grandma canned those peaches. I could tell because she always stacks them neatly. (Company was two seminarians, including the son of the Bishop of the Lutheran Church in Kenya, who we've had over before. They left after supper.)

Last night was a really miserable night. First i had a headache. I was still wearing the wrong glasses, though the ones with untinted lenses, so i assumed that's what it was. I took two ibuprofen… and nothing happens. Ibuprofen *always* works. Great. I drank a glass of water in case it was dehydration, and though it didn't feel like a fatigue headache, i tried resting. It didn't help; if anything, it made it worse.

I was getting kind of annoyed at this point, and it really was a bad headache as far as my headaches go, so i resorted to caffeine: i ate a Hershey's bar and drank two cups of coffee. This reduced the headache to an ignorable level, if not very comfortable.

Naturally this was the most caffeine has openly affected me. I was cranky, bored, and tired but not sleepy. It was ridiculous; it got to the point where i saw black spots while sitting. At least, i think they were black spots. After that i made myself lie down and not do anything, but it was still a long time before i slept, with the occasional stab somewhere above my left ear.

I realize i could have put this in a less pitiable way, but honestly, i'm still tired and i think i want a little pity. Just a little.

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  1. Nice to have you back in bloggersville, Mag-Splat ;-) Now I've got some major catching up to do, as you've come back with a lot all at once (I've just discovered).