Thursday, May 15, 2008

About Sunday (11th)

After church we had some company (Mom cooked, mostly): Assistant Pastor, our friend from Kenya, and his parents. Ha. How many bishops have you had in *your* house?

Later we had a piano recital at Bethel. It was worse than others, but not terribly so. Pretty small, only nine students could come. Mom didn't want to make a program, so we picked numbers out of a hat (a fedora that's my Dad's, was his Dad's, and maybe his Dad's too.) I was number eight, which suits me pretty well. I played Hungarian Dance, page 34 of Alfred level 6 Lesson Book, and i got the tempo wrong, but people said they didn't notice. I'm officially annoyed with being this tall, because my leg was too long to fit properly under the piano.

ANNA DID VERY WELL, whatever she says.