Saturday, May 17, 2008

Prince Caspian (no spoilers)

Of course, i think everybody reading this blog has read the book, and it seems most of them have seen the movie. (I saw it at 3:50 on Friday. No, P. M.)

Most of the problems in the movie (as opposed to the book) started with Caspian. He's too old, his hair is too long, he's too arrogant. Of course, they did give Peter some pride issues, for interest. He was too perfect before. Couldn't have that, now could we? A whole extra battle scene because of it.

Don't get me wrong, i enjoyed it. Lovely movie, lovely company. Something specific. It was a large-ish group: Mom, Dad, Nat, Me, Nick, Ariksander (great commentary), Anna, Timothy. That last one had to steal a car to get down here, too. Shocking.


  1. See, I always thought that the Caspian in the BBC movie was far too young. I generally pictured Caspian as being very close to the age at which he could assume the throne, and that was why his uncle was so anxious to get rid of him as soon as Caspian's cousin was born. The actor they cast could reasonably be anywhere from 17-25, and the hair makes him appear younger to me.

    ...that said, I haven't yet seen the movie, but will tonight (probably).

  2. I can only say that I am insanely jealous of all you good people who have gotten to see the movie ;-)

    I'm eager to see it soon, too, but I'll not be able to compete with the good company in which you saw it. Nevertheless, I shall take some good company of my own.