Friday, February 01, 2008

Written by somebody else, unfortunately, but i agree

I am boycotting Black History Month, and changing it to American History Month.

You black people who always preach against segregation, why not preach against this month as well? It is no longer the Caucasians who are separating you, but you yourselves. If you have a Black History Month, you also need a Native American, Chinese, German, Japanese, Mexican, Caucasian, Norwegian, etc, history month. Because every single one of these people are Americans, a part of the greatest country in this world. You are too, with the same rights as everyone, yet you chose to separate yourselves by giving yourselves your own month.

Yes, you do have the same rights. You have the right to work, to make yourselves better, to be rich, to make your own name in history, right along with the other black people noted in history. Yet you choose to stay on welfare; to not work; to have children out of wedlock; to make ghettos; to commit crimes. The definition of black today is usually associated with ghettos, crime, and prostitutes.

And the black people who are to be very much admired for getting themselves out of this mire are called 'Uncle Toms', 'too white', etc. You shameful people! You are the ones who run down the name of your race, yet you blame us whenever we call it like it is. You would make Martin Luther King Jr. ashamed of you! All the people who have helped you to have the same rights as everyone else would be ashamed of you, and every bruise, every cut, all the names they have been called, everything they have faced is in naught. Because most of you have thrown away the opportunities they have gotten for you out of their own sweat and blood. You have taken everything for granted. Do you really think they came that far, and suffered so much, to see you in ghettos and broken homes, to be afraid of having money because you would be called 'too white'? That is what they fought for! They fought so that you could have the same rights as the other Americans, so that you could have the same opportunities to be rich and successful like the other Americans, so that you could not only be called Americans, but be Americans in every meaning of the word.

You are not African Americans any more, just as I am no longer a German American, and just as the Chinese are no longer Chinese Americans. You are simple and plain American. And that is a name to be darn proud of and to hold your head up for, because countless millions, of all colors and races, have come together under the red, white, and blue, and under the name 'American', to shed their precious blood so that you could have these opportunities and to remain free.

America gives any citizen, any citizen, the chance to fulfill any of their dreams, if only they work hard and follow them. So don't be afraid to dream too high, and most importantly, don't be afraid to make that dream come true. You are an American - you can achieve anything you put yourself to. Only your laziness, pessimism, and racist views of being too white will get in your way.
~Kimberly L.

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  1. Whoa!

    For a minute I thought I was witnessing a whole different side of Maggie....and then I noticed that you didn't write the article.

    I somewhat agree.
    Two thoughts:
    First, that if Black History is to be celebrated, so too ought Filipino, Native American, German, etc. At the same time, however, these ethnic groups DO have a chance to celebrate their history if they want to.

    Second, the author of this article is somewhat guilty of stereotyping. To rage at blacks because some are on welfare, some do not work, some stay in ghettos,and some commit crimes, is equal to raging against Lutherans because some have abandoned the Gospel, some have ordained female pastors, some have communed open heretics, some do not confess Christ,and some do not preach the truth.

    There! I'm done. [deflates] :)