Monday, February 04, 2008

Remembering our baptisms

(playing with a toy xylophone)
Brigitta (3): This is my favorite color and this is Daddy's favorite color and this is… is… what is your favorite color?
Me: It's orange, like Julianna's.
Brigitta: Yeah! And what's… Mrs. R's favorite color?
Me: I think it's blue.
Brigitta: That's Daddy's too! And what's… what's…
(she's looking around, and spots a picture on the wall, one of Jesus and the little children)
Brigitta: Hey! Jesus died on the cross!

Cute though that is, i don't think that's the way we're supposed to remember our Baptisms, just once in a while exclaiming over it.

Hey! I'm baptized!

No, that's definitely not it.

It's probably not like Dumbledore's Howler ("Remember my last, Petunia,"), something like Jiminy Cricket to remind us when we're about to do bad things. Oh yeah, i'm baptized. That means i shouldn't booby-trap my brother's door, even if he did paint my guinea pig green.

Or maybe that's how it's supposed to work, but doesn't because we're poor miserable sinners and we need to actively remember all the time, and we just can't do that.

Perhaps it's like the Series of Unfortunate Events' (yes i know, Anan, you don't have to read them) "Remember you will die," to put everything in perspective. Is this another "in the world but not of it" thing? Non-Christians can't remember their baptisms because they don't have any.

Hmph. I'm getting nowhere.

So this is to influence every decision we make, every word we say, every move we make? That's good with me.