Friday, December 08, 2006

The Nutcracker

Well, i wented to the Nutcracker ballet today… it was really good, though i must admit i appreciated the music more than the dancing. That isn't to say i didn't like it; no, i loved it. But i loved the music slightly more. Well, i guess that makes sense, considering i AM a(n) [insert last name here]. We are vveerryy musical. To put it plainly.
  • My Dad: plays viola, plays & teaches piano (and can play instruments similer to those [harpsicord, organ, violin]), sings tenor or bass (preferably bass) (at least once at Carnagie Hall) (in a choir)
  • My Mom: plays & teaches piano, flute, organ, recorder, directs singers, sings soprano or alto (preferably alto) (also at least once at Carnagie Hall) (in same choir)
  • My oldest sister: plays piano, organ, violin (violin since the age of four or something like that)
  • My other older sister: never really was as musical, but has taken piano, violin, cello (i remember being able to fit in her cello case and zipping it up… i always wondered why there was a zipper on the inside), and has sung in choir
  • My older brother: plays piano, sings bass, once tried trombone (it didn't last long)
  • Me: play piano, organ, violin (though i'm afraid i haven't played in at least a year… i plan to take it back up when i have more time in my schedule), recorder when needed, sing soprano or alto (preferably alto)
  • And we all listen to a veriety music!
And the dancing? Well, it didn't make me want to learn ballet, but then again so far only two things in the world that make me want to dance. Weddings (Naomi & Nick's, Nathan & Katie's), and Singing In The Rain, though that only does it with tap dancing.

So… how 'bout them apples?

Actually, i could rant on, but i kinda need to go practice recorder… and piano… and organ, though i won't because i can't get to church.


  1. you know, judging from the first paragraph there, you need to switch to decaf