Friday, March 19, 2010

What is it with all this SCHOOL?

Fifth post in a row about school, and yes, I know I haven't even posted for going on two months.

So that computer program for Sight Singing & Ear Training is REALLY LAME. For SERIOUS. It makes things way harder than they need to be, and is extremely confusing. I had to just hope I was doing the right exercises because I needed to get them done and I didn't have time to troll through pages of "Help" to see if it addressed my problem. Fortunately, not only did I catch up my 3-weeks-of-homework-in-1, I accidentally did 6-weeks-of-homework-in-2, and am completely done for the semester. Whatever.

Psych is really fascinating. OT Lit as well, though it more often slips into questionable theology.

What is the definition of "friend" in college? Is it someone you say hi to in the halls, someone who'll make you a copy of their notes, someone whose dorm you've hung out in?

In case some of you haven't been checking, I've been updating my book list. It's SO EXCITING you will have a HEART ATTACK.


  1. An unfortunate thing in life is that "friend" means different things to different people.

  2. I sure hope it means someone you say hi to in the halls, or I'm sunk.

  3. Speaking of book lists, would you like me to send you my NaNo09 novel when the editing is done? I'm actually pretty pleased with it, considering that I wrote the darn thing in a month.

  4. Heidi: I'm happy with whatever definition, so long as it isn't a creepy classmate who can't seem to take a hint.

    Anan: I guess I'm outgoing; I've got one of each of the others so far.

    Rachel: Oh heck yes.