Monday, March 29, 2010

Pop quiz!

1. What do you call the week leading up to Easter?

2. How do you act during Holy week?
[Edit: I will also accept partially synonymous answers such as "prayerful," "sad," or "contemplative."]

Congratulations! YOU NOW KNOW MORE THAN THE PEOPLE AT BETHEL. Yes, meine Freunden, Easter is already being celebrated at Bethel. A Christian college.

There were plastic candy-filled eggs in the cafeteria (except this one girl near me kept finding eggs filled with salad) and my teachers talk about Easter as if it's pretty much here.

REALLY, BETHEL? Are you too optimistic for that tiny matter of CHRIST'S DEATH? You know, THE MOST IMPORTANT PART EVER???

In case you can't tell, I'm REALLY REALLY APPALLED at this behavior.


  1. Maggie, Maggie. Where is your tolerance? You're an American in the 21 century for crying out loud! ;-)

  2. In all seriousness though, that is rather distressing.

  3. At least you've got the "Rick Hunt" signs to cheer you up! AND HA. None of my teachers here have let the words "Jesus" or "Easter" pass their lips, besides the organ people.

  4. It's like the Baptist church near our house, the sign of which has read "He is risen!" for about two weeks now.

  5. I hope this doesn't surprise you.
    The people who go to the church where I had play practice had never even heard of Lent, or Ash Wednesday, much less Holy Week. Granted, they WERE Evangelicals...
    But my point is that most non-Lutheran or Catholic Christians don't know about Holy Week, or Lent, or any other feast day aside from Christmas and Easter. The only thing they know is Jesus-Yay-happy-fun-times. Bleh.

  6. I am appalled too. That is repulsive. See, in a couple of days, if they at least act solemn on Good Friday. If not, it's time to start slapping people and saying "STOP BEING SO CHEERFUL" (a good thing to do anytime, but there you would have an excuse).

  7. *Solemnly*

    Sadly, this attitude is quite prevalent among the evangelical protestants. A sister of mine didn't know what to say a few days ago when an evangelical friend asked her why we went to church so often during Holy Week.

  8. AD: I sold it. (It was a rather bad deal. In exchange all I got were a few photons and a "get out of jail free" card.)

    AD: Yes, thank you.

    Anan: Yes! Yes. I should go hunt some Ricks.

    Moria, NFJ, TQ: So have they, like, not read the Bible ever?

    Bob: I had "Easter Break" for Good Friday. But hey, now can I slap them for being stupid or selfish or something? They all do that. "Let she who has no sin throw the first slap," though, right? Shoot.