Saturday, January 30, 2010

More happy, happy adventures in school!

Doing homework to catch up with my new class, I learned:
  1. if I want to get everything right, I'm going to be a bit slow by the computer's standards.
  2. if I actually do it faster, the computer says "Too quick for accuracy. Your score is 0." EVEN IF I GOT THEM ALL RIGHT.
  3. —despite my teacher saying this several times—the computer DOES NOT SAVE PROGRESS.
So there's an hour lost on frustrating, tedious stuff I already know, which I now have to repeat.

I suppose I'm exaggerating a little bit... it's more like forty-five minutes that was lost. For some reason the computer DID save what I did at first. Weirdo.


  1. The ear training class has online homework?

  2. No, on the computers in the piano lab.