Monday, November 23, 2009

THIS is how much I don't want to do my homework.

This came with our bath mat and it was funny. Also I'm procrastinating.

3D Bath Mat

The mat is made of vinyl meaning it will remain soft, pliable and luxurious to the touch. It is easy to keep clean because it is machine washable.

  1. Unroll mat and allow it to lay flat for 24 hours before using. Re-rolling mat on the reverse side may help mat to lay flat. It is recommended soaking the mat in a tub of warm water for 10 minutes prior to your first use.
  2. The bathtub or shower floor must be clean and free of any dirt or oils. Do not use mat on a textured bathtub surface or textured shower floor since suction cups will not hold properly.
  3. Before filling the tub, center mat carefully in tub or shower floor with suction cups on underside.
  4. Fill the tub to the desired level of water. Firmly press on the entire mat surface with your hands by kneeling outside of tub on a clean surface.
  5. Step carefully on the mat while holding a grab bar, edge of tub or a secure object.
  6. Step firmly on at least 8 to 10 places for proper vacuum hold.
  7. Your weight should firmly anchor the mat. If the mat is not firmly anchored, repeat the instructions.
  8. After use, lift mat at one corner and peel back. Rinse mat thoroughly, hang to dry. Do not dry with hair dryer or over a radiator.
CAUTION: Not recommended for use on textured surfaces. Keep tub surface clean. Bath oils may reduce the Bath Mat's safety. Please be sure to use all safety precautions when entering and exiting tub/shower as well as when in the tub/shower. The mat is designed to help prevent sipping, but the effectiveness of mat depends on your use and care.

If I really wanted to go into it, "DIRECTIONS FOR USE" was underlined except between "FOR" and "USE" and on the list, "5" was italicized… but I don't know how to do that here.

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