Saturday, November 14, 2009


Going to make a quick Taco Bell run a few weeks ago, Nat and I went through the regular ritual of finding our shoes, coats, and hats. I reflected to myself on how funny it was that we seemed to be getting dressed up to go to a fast food establishment; I don't remember what we were wearing, but it was our usual nicish attire that contrasts us against our classmates.

"Margaret," he said. I looked at him and he smiled a bit, which (obvious to me) meant laughter over what I had just been thinking.

"I know." Agreement and a little smile of my own were all that was needed.

Does it take as long as we've lived together to be able to speak without speaking? Or perhaps the last two or three years we've grown closer? How many such exchanges have gone by without my taking notice?

I love you, Nathaniel.


  1. AAAAWWWWW-ness!!!! I say two to three years... :-)

  2. That is pretty Awww-ness :) Sita and Susie are getting to be like that too cause this morning when Susie got up Sita said "I love you, kootch. And she says she loves me too!" (when all she did was smile and giggle) ;) :)

  3. That is very sweet Maggie. Love it!

  4. Yes, very sweet, even though I would never use such language ever.

    Zeke and I have exchanges like this. Well. Somewhat like this. Like this only talking the way Zeke and I talk. Yeah. Some goes for Aaron and me. And those ARE the two people I know closest to being my siblings.

  5. Beautiful!

    Snap and I communicate like this with our eyes, but unfortunately this irritates other siblings who assume we are "saying" something about them. :(

  6. on the other hand none of you know what Anna is saying in sign language. Ever.