Friday, May 15, 2009

Maggie went on a trip to the library.

On Tuesday after Oly's and Tinny's piano lessons Anna came over and we biked to the library. (River Park Branch, the roundtrip of which is just under five miles, I think.) I didn't know that library was within biking distance; I kind of got carried away and got eight books. (One of them Anna had checked out before and was lending to me because most of the copies are checked out all the time.)

On Wednesday I decided to do something silly, so on Thursday I biked back to return one book.

I forgot my bike lock. Again.

So I handed the library's book to a lady that was going in with a plea for her to return it for me, and I went home again without much of a rest, which got me a little more tired than I would have liked, but it was fine. As soon as I got home I put a chain and a lock on my bike so I wouldn't forget next time.

I wasn't going to blog about this, but Monica practically begged me. (Are you happy, Potato Head?)


  1. Yes!
    Now I am happy!
    Thank you, thank you Sam I Am!
    I LOVED it- no matter how boring it was!
    lol- YOU'RE the one that said it was boring!
    It's not REALLY THAT boring!
    I liked it.
    It was unusual.

  2. I liked it, too, but I shan't gone on about it ;-)

  3. I thought you were going to say your bike had been stolen because you forgot the lock. That would have made a much more interesting story.;) What books did you pick out?

  4. Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed the experience vicariously. :D

    During this past semester, one of the boys forgot his bike lock and his bike was stolen right out of the back yard of the college!

  5. I *did* have my bike stolen out of the backyard of a neighbor's house once, which is probably why I now remember that it is not safe.