Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hello, Dolly!

Louis Armstrong is hilarious.

I got a bloody nose just before the 9:00 service. It was a little surreal, thoroughly annoying, and overall unpleasant. Other than that, though, Easter was simply lovely. It gets better every year.

I am about to collapse. Good night.


  1. I agree, he is hilarious. "I can tell, Dolly"

  2. A bloody nose? What have I told you about fist-fighting on the sabbath?

    Oh. That's right. Nothing. Nevermind.

  3. I think it means there's a ghost who wants me to bury her necklace that was taken by her ex-fiancĂ© who stole it from her grave after he murdered her so he could marry her evil cousin — who is, incidentally, my great-great-grandmother — and gain her fortune that she would give to him if he gave her the necklace that she thought ought to have been passed down to her and not the benign cousin, because she thought the benign cousin was the malignant one and she wanted to pass down the necklace to her descendants, which is why this all makes sense because the necklace I wore on Easter was my grandmother's and though I'm fairly sure she bought it and it was inexpensive because she was raised during the Great Depression and that's the way she lived, it's vaguely possible that it's an old heirloom. Vaguely.

    Or it could be the changing of the humidity.